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Welcome to 6th grade at High Desert School.I look forward to working with students and parents to have a positive school year.

*Math Textbooks - We will not be using the green math textbook that the students were issued by the office and have at home. Students can certainly use it as a reference tool. For example if there is a lesson on ratios a student can refer to the textbook for information on ratios. Please keep this book at home and return it at the end of the school year along with the other textbooks that were issued.

We will be using the purple Glencoe math textbook. We do not have enough textbooks to have a textbook at home and an additional textbook for classroom use. Therefore the purple Glencoe textbook will primarily stay in the classroom. Occasionally when a homework assignment is given from this textbook the student will take the textbook home and return it to school the following day.  




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